How to Study: How to Become a Straight-A Student

how to study


How to Study: How to Become a Straight-A Student




Are you a student who has been having a headache about the right tips that you can use to better your study habits? If so, then this is the right article for you since it provides you with the “how to study” tips that will go a long way in assisting you to become a better student.

If you wish to manage your time well and become an honor roll student, then this article will be of great help to you. As soon as you have adopted the right study habits, success in your exams will no longer be elusive and become a reality.

Indeed, it is time to study for your exams as soon as the back to school commercials start popping up on your television. Below are some tips that will enable you to study using the best methods that will lead to success in your exams.

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Best Study TipsSpace it Out

Are you a student who has been caught up in the quagmire of memorizing items on a daily basis? If so, then worry no more since this piece has you covered. It has been proven that it is better for you to space out what you are going to revise so that you go over them one at a time. Indeed, there is no need of trying to memorize everything like the periodic table in one sitting.


Study Before Retiring to Bed

Are you aware that studying right before going to bed can aid in improving your grades? It has been proven that your brain tends to strengthen new memories when you are asleep, therefore, there is reasonable possibility that you will remember whatever you were studying before you hit the hay.


Testing Yourself

Another way in which you can try to enhance your memory is by putting yourself to the test as you go over your notes. The harder you work to remember some information, the more difficult it will be for you to forget that particular piece of information. This method of study boosts your memory and puts you in a better position to figure out some of the questions that you might encounter in your exams.


Study Different Topics

Switching up the topics that you are going to study enables you to analyze various issues and also helps in eliminating boredom. Furthermore, it assists you in getting the best strategy to solve a problem. For instance, you can prepare yourself to study topics involving division, multiplication as well as addition in one sitting.


Study in Different Places

Are you one of those students who like being glued to one spot as you study? If so, then you can try a new technique of moving around from one place to another during your study sessions. Research has proven that your brain forms associations with new environments every time you move from one place to another, thus strengthening your memory. For example, you can try out studying at the coffee shop, students’ center and the library.


Come up With Acronyms

If you desire to improve the manner in which you remember the different things that you study, then you can consider coming up with various acronyms. You can also tell a tale. One acronym that you can use in algebra is BODMAS (Brackets, Of, Division, Multiplication, And Subtraction).


Write it Out

You can have a piece of paper or notepad as you revise. You can then jot down all the essential points or concepts as you study. This will help you in remembering the most vital ideas or concepts.

Reading Out Loud

This technique is helpful since it enables you to store information in two ways, both mentally and visually. You can try this method when you are alone in your room since you will not be disturbing anybody.


Grab a Drink!

Another way in which you can better your study is through taking a drink like coffee or tea. It has been proven that such beverages boost your memory as well as keeping you alert.


Get Some Study Partners

Someone said that if you want to go fast, walk alone but if you want to go further, then walk with others. Therefore, if you ‘re going to get the best out of your studies, then you can get a partner with a few friends and form a study group. By doing so, you will be able to assist each other in your areas of weaknesses and build on your strengths.


The Final Word

If you desire to improve your grades, then you will benefit significantly by incorporating the above study tips as you go over your classwork. These how to study’ tips will give you the best grades. After all, which student doesn’t want a sterling performance in his/her exams?


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10 Science-Backed Study Techniques That Works

Study Techniques

10 Science-Backed Study Techniques That Works

Developing and following an effective study schedule is not a matter of chance. Psychologists and educators have done a lot of research about study techniques for years. Some of their best survey studies were conducted from the leading universities: Chicago, Indiana, and Stanford where experiments with students groups gave light on the effective study techniques. They found out that those students who follow these techniques learn easily, save time spent on study and retain more material that they learn for a very long period of time. The following are the ten study techniques that work:

1. Making and Following a Study Schedule Strictly

You are supposed to set aside study hours just as you do for sleep and nourishment. Make sure you follow the same schedule strictly daily. The amount of time that you set aside for study will vary depending on individual skills and understanding of the subject matter. It is recommended you study for an average of two hours every day for every hour that you spend in class. Attending a class session is just the beginning; the real study work starts afterward.

2. Study in an Appropriate Environment – Same Place, Same Time and Day-to-Day

If you have concentration issues, then the right environment will help you a lot. Your study table or desk should be in a quiet environment free from any form of distractions. You will be able to concentrate well when you study in the same place day-to-day. This is a mindset. For instance, when you sit down in a dining table, you expect to eat. Similarly, when you sit down in a comfy chair, you expect to watch TV, etc. Developing and nurturing a study habit in the same place, at the same hours every day will definitely uplift your concentration ability.

3. Ensure you Have all the Materials you Need at Your Study Location

Your study table or desk should have all the materials that you will require to complete the assignment in hand, such as, erasers, pencils, paperclips, pens, snacks, staplers, liquid refreshments, and dictionary, etc. There are other assignments that you will need to have calculators or other types of supplies. When you have all the materials you need at hand, you will be able to concentrate on your study without interruptions. If you are using an answering machine during your study, make sure to let do its work during the study time. You can call back those who made you calls when you are through with your studying. Taking drinks and snacks to your location of study will improve your concentration because it will eliminate the need of making trips to the kitchen. Such movements during study time interfere and reduce concentration power.

4. Not Relying on Inspiration for Motivation

Would you imagine if somebody like an athlete-in-training who waits for inspiration to motivate them to practice in preparation for an event? Of course, this is not the case. Athletes train every single day to stay fit and competitive whether they like it or not. Similarly, like an athlete, you must ensure you train yourself daily for examinations and tests by accomplishing your assignments and making thorough preparation every day through reviews to be ready for the real action.

5. Takes Notes and Keeping Well-Kept Notebook

According to researchers, there is a close relationship between scoring high grades and orderliness. Knowing where to find your materials easily when you require them is very crucial. Make sure you keep a special section of your notebook according to your semester calendar where you will be writing your assignments as soon as they are announced. Having this details and other relevant information in one place is essential if you want to succeed. A notebook that is well kept is a part of the best time management practices. If you have ever misplaced an assignment, you can relate this to how much valuable time you wasted looking for it.

6. Having a Clear Record of all Important Assignments

Make sure you note down assignments in black and white, also indicate the important details about them in your notebook. When you have all of the relevant information of what you are expected to do, it is the first step to ensure that you complete your assignments successfully before the set deadlines.

7. Utilizing Trade Secrets

Flash cards are legitimate study tools. They are not just for kids! You can use the front part of the card to note an important term, and then on the back part, you write important fact or a definition of that term. Always ensure you carry flash cards whenever you go. During “dead time” use them, for instance, when you are waiting in a dentist’s office or doctor, standing in a check-out line, waiting at the Laundromat or riding a bus. Stick them on your bathroom mirror so that you can be reviewing them while applying makeup or shaving. You will be amused by how much you can do during “dead times”. Come up with own unique “trade secrets” and customize them in a way that will help to improve your study skills.

8. Write Good Notes

Develop skills of making good notes during class sessions especially when your instructors stress certain points as well as during assignments study. Taking good notes is a must. If you don’t have good notes, you will have to review and reread assignments before an examination or a test. This will demand a lot of time in one sitting to review materials of about 100-300 pages. With short notes, you can skim through and remember the main points in a short duration of time.

9. Over-learning Materials Usually Enhances Your Memory

Researchers have found out that the only secret to learning especially for future reference is over-learning. They suggest that for someone to say, “I know this material”, you are supposed to study the material for one-fourth more time of the original study. Learning the alphabet is the best example. How did you learn to pronounce it? Through recitation now and then that etched it in your memory trace. So, make sure you manipulate the material in many ways as possible by reading, writing, hearing, saying it and touching. In the experimental study conducted by researchers, they found out those students who overlearned a material retained the information four times as much after a few months than those students who didn’t.

10. Reviewing Your Study Material Regularly

Those students who don’t review their material can forget more than eighty percent of what they have learned for only two weeks. Ensure you make the first review of your material shortly after it is presented or studied for the first time. Prompt reviewing of the studied material safeguards you against forgetting relevant tips and helps you to remember it for a long duration of time. Regular material reviews will help you throughout the course. It will help you during tests times, more so, it is also key in alleviating pre-test anxiety.

To wrap up the loose ends, it is worth to mention that these ten study techniques do work, but there is another component that is needed when you are using all of them. You need to be the one who is responsible for your studies by following through on your assignments. You can have the best study techniques but they won’t help you at all if you don’t help yourself. You are the one who is responsible for your success.

The bottom line is if you put effective study efforts, improved skills will come in gradually as a habit and natural like breathing. The end results with be higher self-esteem, greater knowledge, and better grades. You find that if you master these skills early enough they will also serve you well in your personal and professional life.

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How to study for a Test Effectively

How to study for a Test Effectively

How to study for a Test Effectively


Learning ways to study effectively will improve your motivation to study. In this manner, you will take pleasure in researching like never in the past. Here are some suggestions on how to study for a test effectively.

Have a favorable mindset

The technique you provide your studies matters a lot. A lack of confidence will demoralize you whereas a favorable one will extremely inspire you. Most people fall short in research because they take a look at it as a necessary task and for this reason do not enjoy it. Make studying to be something you delight in doing.

Take it as a personal duty that will alter your future and mold you into someone excellent. Due to this, you will value that you are not studying for your friends, moms, and dads or family members but yourself.

Commence by going over lessons that you find easy and then invest the rest of your time studying those hard ones.


Studying hard topics first isn’t so smart a thing to perform since this may discourage you to continue reviewing. Should you want to increase the self-esteem about that upcoming exam, considering, the original topics would be a great thing to do. In case you do this, a lot of time would surely be preserved. Since studying themes that you’re already common with wouldn’t possibly take so long, you’d have ample time spared to review the rest of the topics you find a bit hard.

How to study for a Test Effectively

You must be able to identify your attitude as an individual.

In finding your way through an examination, each of us has each of our methods. There are those that would love team studies or exclusively by themselves. The decision of an individual with regards to the studying technique is based on his or her personality either he or she adores people or favors to operate alone. Graphic or auditory- these are the methods a human being may gain knowledge easily and keep the information simply. In case you know what sort of person you are all this time, then there’s no doubt that you could review with no problems and attain what you wish.

Establish a sensible study strategy

Good planning is the key to success of any task. Have an individual study plan on how you wish to achieve your research objectives. Establish a reasonable and highly efficient study plan, which you can quickly follow. Your study strategy will help you remain arranged and do the right thing at the correct time.


Manage your time well

Time management is important when discovering the best ways to study effectively. Bear in mind time lost will never at any time be recovered. Also studying is not the only thing you perform in life, you have various other activities that require your attention too. It is advisable to make the most out of the little time you have. Learn how you can handle your time successfully and stay clear of unnecessarily long hours of study. The brain also has its optimal attention span, and you should appreciate that.

How to study for a Test Effectively 2

Understand your researching habits and designs

Individuals are wired differently; hence we have different researching routines. Understand yourself as an individual before you set out to begin your studies. This pertains to your attention period, the best time of research and even the nature of the environment in which you can efficiently concentrate in. Determine the number of hours your concentration can last. It is better that you study even for an hour and find out a lot than going on for many hours without discovering anything significant. Also comprehend the time of day you can research well, whether it’s at dawn, during the day or a couple of hours before bed.

Select an ideal place for your researches

Based on your researching practices, get an environment that finest matches you. Some people can study with loud songs on while others require full silence to concentrate. However, note that it is necessary to study in a place where there are no disturbances as this could distort your line of thought.

Constantly take short notes while studying

When researching, determine important points and write them down. Effective note taking skills will assist enhance your memory and make you discover fast. These notes will later on the function as a reference, specifically when you study making use of books borrowed from the library or pals.

Just have the things you need for your research

When researching do not have things you do not require around you. This may lure you to move into something else. The trick is to ensure absolutely nothing distracts you in any way.

Examine yourself after every action

You can do this alone or with the help of study mates. Take assessment tests after a given period as described in your research schedule. This will assist you in knowing how effective your research methods are and if you are discovering anything. If you get excellent outcomes, then you are on the right track. However, if the test outcomes are not so excellent, then you ought to examine your studying techniques.

How to study for a Test Effectively 3

Mind maps

Mind maps offer an outstanding way to study for exams which will include a substantial amount of relevant information. Mind maps let you display relations between ideas, which makes it simple for you not to forget the information covered. For that matter, by simply designing your very own mind maps and utilizing those to study, simply beginning with several pertinent terminologies will help you to remember most of the course with no problem.


Condensing together with memorization materials are another great study option to utilize when you are thinking about, how would you study for exams. To make use of this kind of study technique, you begin by writing out all you need to know for the exam. Next, take the primary pages and make an effort to condense all of them without taking away content material – merely concentrate on eliminating terminology which is pointless. And then continue repeating this method right up until you’ve got everything condensed to a page or two.

Use of flashcards

Of all the numerous strategies to study for exams, flashcards are one of the oldest, most favored methods. This study approach is very effective if you are getting ready for a test in a course that requires you to remember some terms. Flashcards can be used for term memorization, to master images or perhaps to write down theories. Produce your very own flashcards and study them frequently.

Keep away from cramming

Never be in the situation of analyzing half the night before an examination. Waiting around to begin studying the night before the examinations would mean that you aren’t learning the material effectively and also on the day of your exam you won’t find a way to remember the info. It’s very easy to avoid cramming simply put together your review periods in the lead up to the actual exams. Splitting your study periods into 30 times will make them far better to understand material for the tests

However, if all else does not work out, do not press the panic button. Stress can make it much harder for you to understand as well as recall things out of your studying sessions. If you find out you have a panic attack, try taking some deep breathing plus slow your brain down by simply thinking about something happy. It is best to practice it before the exam day. Finally, never converse with other people right after the tests about how it went, it might have an effect on some other exams within the day.

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Best Way to Study for an Exam

Best Way to Study for an Exam

Best Way to Study for an Exam


Exams are the stressful and terrible thing to study for particularly if is your last chance to pass on a certain subject. It’s indeed a make or break situation. However, you don’t need to despair for the reason that studying for exams is easy as long as you know some tips. These tips will surely help you achieve the best result. Read on to know some of the effective means to study for an exam.

Examination coverage

Determining the examination coverage is very important because it will be your basis on what are the discussions or particular lessons that you need to memorize to get a high mark on examination. Primarily, most teachers will provide the coverage of the exam before the schedule of your exam so that you would be able to study very well. If you are unsure what would be the coverage, it is ideal to speak to your teacher or classmates.

Just concentrate on particular chapters of the book that the teachers have discussed. If they told you that the exam would cover chapter 3-6, then just focus on that chapters. Don’t forget to read your notes too because some discussions aren’t usually given by the teacher from the book.

Time management

Getting good at managing your time will ensure assignments are completed by the due date, you can read all assigned materials as requested, and that you can complete reviews of course material before it’s time to sit the exam. You have the opportunity to become skilled at time management each day as you work on the assignments your teacher requests by creating a study plan every time you sit down to work.

Best Way to Study for an Exam


Study plan

Making a study plan or schedule won’t take up too much of your precious time, but it is important. Your schedule will ensure you complete tasks and get everything covered in your study session. Simply make a quick mental review of assignments and write down how much time to give to each separate task. It’s a simple thing, but you will be surprised at how handy a schedule is at exam time. If you make schedules regularly, you will have a much better understanding of how long it takes you to cover certain materials. Some subjects will present you with difficult challenges and take more of your working time than others. As your awareness grows, you will learn to make appropriate time allotment choices when creating schedules and your studying, especially at exam time, will become more effective.


The environment for your studying is also important for the reason that without a suitable environment, you cannot surely absorb the lessons that you are studying. As much as possible avoid some distractions.

Now that you have practiced creating schedules and making study plans you will be able to avoid the biggest study pitfall; cramming for exams. You have learned which subjects require more study time and are aware of how to effectively allot your time. You will start to study enough time in advance of exam day to cover all subject matter adequately. Spreading out studying over time allows for much better recall. Studies show that when you take in large amounts of information in one sitting you just aren’t able to store the information over the long term. Cramming doesn’t work as a learning strategy.

If you start breaking you time down into small study sessions and stick to them, by the time the exams arrive you will already be very well prepared. One thing you will not need to do is cram for the exams, also you will have raised your grades.

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